You are about to enter the world of music.  And music, as you know, is a most unscientific science, a most unsubstantial substance.  No one has ever really fully explained to us many of the primevally obvious things about music.  No one has really ever explained to us why we call high "high" and low "low".  Anyone can manage to explain to us what we call high and what we call low; but to articulate the reasons why this most unscientific, unsubstantial thing that we call music moves us as it does, and affects us as deeply as it can, is something that no one has ever achieved.  And the more one thinks about the perfectly astonishing phenomenon that music is, the more one realizes how much of its operation is the product of the purely artificial construction of systematic thoughts.  ..... - From Advice to a Graduation

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Montreal born DJ, producer, Daft Punk remixing phenom, Chilly Gonzales explains - “Gould paved the way for younger generations of eccentric geniuses.”  Young dj’s are remixing Gould tracks. YouTube surfers are blown away listening to the relentless, heartbreaking attack of Gould’s technique. Gould’s name pops up regularly in interviews from the likes of Neil Young, producer Bob Ezrin and legendary New York grande dame of punk, Patti Smith.

Take a look through the life of Glenn Gould with an extensive timeline,  featuring links to recordings.